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Protecting the Future of Healthcare in Martin County

Across the country, rural hospitals are struggling. An average of 15 rural hospitals close each year and many more are reducing the services they provide. Martin General Hospital, which is operated by Quorum under a lease with specific service obligations that expire in 2028, is not immune to the market challenges facing rural hospitals.

To proactively secure key healthcare services in Martin County for generations to come, the Martin County Board of Commissioners hired Ascendient, a nationally recognized healthcare strategy and feasibility consultant, to examine healthcare in the community and find ways to ensure local healthcare continues to remain accessible.

Martin County is making great progress in identifying long-term solutions for providing sustainable healthcare services locally. Through a comprehensive and thoughtful approach, the County has learned the following:

Healthcare Needs in Martin County

As the Board of Commissioners looks at the future care needs for Martin County, it is vital that key services such as emergency care and access to local physicians and specialists remain in the community.

Community Input

Based on interviews, focus groups and a survey of more than 270 community members, residents feel the staff and services provided by Martin General Hospital are an integral part of the community. As expected, staff at Martin General Hospital are seen as compassionate, dedicated and valued by the community and the Board of Commissioners.

Assessment of Martin General Hospital Facilities

An assessment of the current facility found Martin General Hospital is in need of capital-intensive renovations and other investments. Creating a welcoming, healing and more efficient environment for patients and staff is a goal of the Board of Commissioners as it looks to the future of healthcare in Martin County.

Supplemental Funding Options and Special Designations

The County is studying the feasibility of other care models and the potential availability of supplemental funding sources for Martin General Hospital, via special federal designations for rural hospitals. Despite Martin General Hospital not being eligible for many of these supplemental funding sources, there are healthcare models that are likely sustainable in Martin County.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are a lot of rural hospitals in the state struggling?

Rural healthcare providers across the nation have been experiencing financial struggles brought on by the pandemic, including nursing and provider shortages that have decreased the number of available services.

Who is involved in the building of this report?

The Board of Commissioners hired Ascendient, a leading healthcare consulting firm to investigate options and compile this report. The report contains feedback the County received from Martin General staff and providers, community members, and patients.

What happens next, now that the Board of Commissioners has seen Ascendient’s report?

The County’s next step is to continue exploring options for long-term, sustainable healthcare solutions that will allow residents to receive the appropriate care they need close to home. The County will now work with Quorum to prioritize next steps.

Can I continue to receive care at Martin General?

Yes. Quorum is obligated to continue providing services at Martin General for the next five years, so you can continue seeing the providers you know and trust. We are grateful for the compassion and dedication of the staff at Martin General Hospital.

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